Virtual PBX Features Phone Systems

Virtual PBX Features Phone Systems

Virtual PBX Features Phone Systems

Virtual PBX – With Futura, they deliver you with a very professional office phone system without any special equipment needed. There is no PBX or special hardware to maintain. They manage your Futura Virtual PBX phone system so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Extensions – Set-up many different extensions so that you can structure your business in a systematic way. Have the structure of a large business without the cost.

Auto-Receptionist – What is auto-receptionist? You can set up a number pad in which customer can select different numbers to reach different departments within your company. You can set-up to over 100 extensions.

Dial-By-Name Directory – You customers can also dial by the last name. An auto-generated directory gives a list of individuals and departments to the callers.

Call Management & Answering

Routing & Answering Rules – You have the ability to change the way that you are reached. To can direct your callers to different places. Direct them to your voicemail, any extensions or alternate numbers.

Call Screening & Blocking – When someone calls your office or business, the auto-receptionist system identifies the caller. Then it gives you several options such as accept the call, reject the call, or send it to the voicemail system.

Click-to-Call Out – With Futura Office Phone System technology, you can click on one button and call a number. If you see a phone number on a webpage, you can call the number by clicking on it.

Click-to-Call In – You can drive more sales by the Ring Me button. It is a button that is embedded for your website. It gives visitors the ability to reach you with a simple click of the button.

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Call Logs – A record of all of your faxes and calls are stored on your web-based online account. You can easily see who called you, what time, the phone number and the length of the call.

Real-time Call Control – You have the ability to manage all of your calls in real-time. When you subscribe to RingCentral Office Phone Systems, you get many call management tools that display caller ID information. It gives you the option of accepting, rejecting, or sending the call to the voicemail.

Call Forwarding – You can re-direct any callers from your system. When a caller dials your toll-free number or local number, you can have them redirected to any phone, extension cell, home, office or even departments.

Call Transfer –  You can easily transfer all phone calls on the fly. Advanced phone transfer gives you even greater mobility.

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